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Facts About Rick Upshaw

Here are some important things to know about Rick Upshaw.


  • Rick Upshaw is President & CEO of American Enterprises, en entrepreneurial company currently based in Texas.  American Enterprises is the parent company to several divisions of itself,  such as American Marketing Solutions, American Online Staffing and American K-9 – all of which provide self-employment opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in their respective fields of services.
  • Rick Upshaw is an expert in helping businesses and business professionals slash their overhead while increasing revenue and productivity.  When a client engages his services, if Rick Upshaw doesn’t meet the objectives outlined in his agreements with his clients, he and his team work for free until those objectives are achieved.  Rick Upshaw believes that this is the only way to do business, especially in a world where honor and ethics seem to be a dying breed.
  • Rick Upshaw is an Internet Marketing Consultant and Social Media Professional.  He has a keen expertise in helping his clients achieve their online objectives, up to and including dominating their respective target markets online.
  • Rick Upshaw is an Outsourcing Expert, so well-versed in the field that he can help his valued clients get all of the benefits of outsourcing without any of the perceived drawbacks normally associated with outsourcing.
  • To learn more about Rick Upshaw’s professional life, see his LinkedIn Profile here:  Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn


  • Rick’s Marital Status: Happliy & Blissfully MarriedRick Upshaw married his wife, Myla in  Manila in the Philippines.  They have been happily married for several years.
  • Rick’s Children: Rick & Myla Upshaw have two wonderful children, Kyle and Arra.
  • Rick’s Location: Generally speaking, Rick Upshaw keeps himself so busy that he’s a hard man to track down at any given time… sometimes even for his own staff!  While his primary residence is in Texas, he frequently travels in order to provide top-notch customer service to his client businesses and business professionals.
  • Rick’s Music: Rick & Myla Upshaw share in common their passion for music.  They both have sung professionally at one time or another, and occasionally continue to do so, more as a hobby now than anything else.  Rick also plays the piano and guitar.
  • Rick’s Hobbies: One of Rick’s hobbies is dog training.  He owns a highly-trained Rottweiler named Bailey, whose favorite game is playing tug-of-war with an old towel, and whose favorite past-time is chewing on Rick’s socks – if and when she can get a hold of them!  😉

Social Media & Web 2.0

Among other things, Rick Upshaw is one of the foremost experts on Social Media and Web 2.0, especially when it comes to using Social Media and Web 2.0 to assist his client businesses and business professionals in dominating their respective target markets online.

Rick Upshaw’s Social Media & Web 2.0 Properties

Rick Upshaw invites you to get to know him through his own use of Social Media and Web 2.0 sites and properties.

Rick Upshaw Twitter

Follow Rick Upshaw on Twitter here:

Rick Upshaw on Twitter

Rick Upshaw on Facebook

Check out Rick Upshaw’s Facebook Page here:

Rick Upshaw on Facebook

Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become one of the more popular Social Media websites on the internet.  One of many reasons for this is that most people today who are online and “in the know” about how to get information off the internet treat it as a sort of “online resume”.  Bogus information on accounts is fairly easy to spot, and the LinkedIn Admin themselves are usually the ones to spot it.  Also, the references others user provide are a great insight into the person whose profile is being viewed.

Learn more about Rick Upshaw’s professional background on his LinkedIn page here:

Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn

Rick Upshaw on YouTube

Rick Upshaw is also on YouTube!  This is as much for personal reasons as it is for professional reasons, so you’ll find that this may be a great way to get to know Rick Upshaw.

Check out Rick Upshaw’s YouTube Channel here:

Rick Upshaw on YouTube


One of the most important factors in 21st century business when it comes to deciding who to do business with and who not to is not so much what you know as it is whose lives you’ve touched in a positive way.  The following testimonials are just a few examples of how Rick Upshaw has touched the lives of others, both personally and professionally.


Rick Upshaw Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about Rick Upshaw:

Victor J. N. Cummings, Esq.

Victor J. N. Cummings, Esq. is a retired Jamaican politician with a massive amount of experience not only in government work, but in for-profit and non-profit organizations as well.  he is a highly respected businessman who now resides in the Washington, D. C. area in the United States of America.  Here is what Mr. Cummings says in an email to Rick Upshaw:

Mr. Rick Upshaw;

I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance.  Based on my dealings with you and the work conducted on my behalf, I have concluded that your abilities are absolutely first rate.  I do not believe there is anyone around with your expertise and ability.

As you know, when I decided to explore creating a web presence, I needed the assistance of someone who knew the web, especially where my presence could grow, and who could provide valuable assistance in the process. I am most impressed by your exceptional knowledge and ability to create a presence for me in such a short time. In addition, I enjoy working with you immensely.  Please know that I am more than willing to recommend you in any way or venture you may require – or when one of my contacts is looking for similar service.



Victor J. N. Cummings, Esq.
Washington, D. C.


Philippines Typhoon is a website devoted to raising global awareness of and assistance for the ongoing plight of victims of the recent Philippines typhoons and resulting Philippines floods.

“When several killer typhoons hit the Philippines in late November of 2009, Rick Upshaw was right there ready to help.  While the typhoons were pounding Metro Manila flooding the entire area, Rick Upshaw worked more than 70 hours straight building a website for the cause of helping to raise awareness for the victims of the Philippines typhoons and the resulting Philippines floods at http://PhilippinesTyphoon.org.ph.  He then led a worldwide network of internet pros in marketing the site to help the site dominate the search engines for our targeted keywords, which he accomplished in far less time than anyone thought possible.  He then built a network of volunteers who now administer the site with very little oversight from Mr. Upshaw at all.

“As a direct result of the efforts of Rick Upshaw, it’s quite possible and even probable that hundreds – if not thousands – of victims are still alive today as a direct result of his efforts.  Our site gets an incredible amount of traffic now, and people are still regularly donating to our cause.  You can read more about what we think of Rick Upshaw at http://PhilippinesTyphoon.org.ph/contributors.

“Thanks, Mr. Upshaw!”

Philippines Typhoon Site Admin Volunteers


MITASCO, Ltd. is a private multi-national firm involved in international trading, import, export, etc.

“I have known Rick Upshaw for a long time, but I have to admit that what Rick and his team did for our website took me totally by surprise!

“I called Rick with some issues I was having with some coding issues. You see, I was trying to do a small website for my company myself to save some money for my company. I just had a few technical questions I wanted answered.  Rick insisted that I let him (and one of his companies, American Marketing Solutions) put together a website and do some marketing for us.  His point was that if I thought his professional services might be expensive, wait until you see how expensive it is to have an amateur do it – especially if I was doing it myself.  After seeing the work he did for us, all I can say is this:  “How right he was!”

“Once I made the decision to have Rick Upshaw help us, our site was up and running much, MUCH sooner than I expected it to be!  Within a couple of weeks, Rick Upshaw and his crack team of internet professionals had my company listed on the first page of Google for our targeted keywords.  There is no doubt in my mind that we must have saved thousands of dollars (so far) by using the services of Rick Upshaw and his team, and that’s not to mention the fact that my time is now freed up to do what we do best and focus on our core revenue-generating functions.  I’m even more certain that we’ll be doing more business together in the future as he helps us monetize our website and implement marketing strategies he’s helping us with.  Rick Upshaw has helped us define our marketing strategies as well as implementing them, and he’s done so for a fraction of what it would have cost us to do the same thing elsewhere or in any other way (especially if we had decided to stick with our original plan of stumbling around in the vast darkness of the internet trying to do it ourselves!)

If you’re looking to slash your marketing costs and increase revenue and productivity, Rick Upshaw is the only one to do business with.  Call him today!

Archie McElroy
Senior Partner
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Work With Rick

For more than 20 years, in one way or another, Rick Upshaw has been focused on helping businesses and business professionals succeed.  His wide range of experience and training combined with his down-to-earth methods of communication make Rick Upshaw the ideal choice for anyone looking to increase profits, earn new clients and keep existing clients in these troubled economic times. To learn more about how Rick Upshaw can help YOU in YOUR particular scenario, read on!

Rick Upshaw’s Services

Rick UpshawEntrepreneurialism, particularly as it relates to small business, has always been a driving passion for Rick Upshaw.

With experience in a wide variety of fields, Rick Upshaw has developed a unique expertise in starting and running a small business.   For a wide variety of reasons, there are few out there better at finding ways to slash costs and increasing revenue for client businesses and business professionals than Rick Upshaw.  He routinely assists client businesses and business professionals slash their overhead and increase revenue by providing products and services in several areas:

  • Marketing: – Rick Upshaw has developed a reputation world-wide for being able to vastly slash marketing costs while increasing revenue.  On a case-by-case basis, he develops unique and customized marketing solutions for clients that earn a far better ROI than anything they could have come up with on their own, allowing his clients to focus on their core revenue-generating functions.
  • Outsourcing: –  Do it the wrong way, and you’ll almost invariably experience a drastic drop in the quality of services.  Do it Rick Upshaw’s way, and you can save drastic amounts of money and streamline your operations without any of the drawbacks most people normally associate with outsourcing.
  • Operations  & Green Technology: – Again, do it wrong, and you’ll be looking at a lot of red ink very quickly without experiencing much benefit.  Do it Rick Upshaw’s way, and your ROI immediately increases, even after your investment into his services (this is true in almost everything Rick Upshaw does for his valued clients)!  “Going Green” started out being a cool thing for businesses and business professionals to do, but not necessarily a cost effective thing  to do.  Not any more.  Businesses and business professionals that are “in the know” as a direct result of Rick Upshaw’s services save money while going green.

If you’d like Rick Upshaw to help you maximize profits in your business in one or more of several areas of your business, then you can submit a request using the form available here:

Contact Rick Upshaw

Rick Upshaw as a Trainer or Speaker

Rick Upshaw has a unique down-to-earth way of being able to relate to people to whom he is speaking or training, even if those people are of a culture different from his own.  He can customize presentations on a wide variety of subjects generally related to small business and entrepreneurialism, including sales and marketing, internet marketing (including social media and web 2.0),  American politics as it relates to American Small Business, and much, much more!  He can keynote major events or speak at private meetings, train large groups of people, small teams or even individuals.

To learn more about how to work with Rick Upshaw in the capacity as a speaker and/or trainer, use the form at the following link, and make sure that “Speaking Inquiry” or “Training Inquiry” is in the subject line of the form when you submit it.  Here is your link:

Contact Rick Upshaw

Contact Rick

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Thanks for your interest in contacting Rick Upshaw!  He is looking forward to hearing from you!

How To Contact Rick Upshaw

There are several ways to contact Rick Upshaw.  Below is a list of Rick Upshaw’s web properties and other methods by which you can contact him.

Rick Upshaw’s Main Website

Rick Upshaw discusses many of his projects – both personally and professionally – on his main personal website at http://www.RickUpshaw.com.  He has a contact page here:

Contact Rick Upshaw

Rick Upshaw on Twitter

As noted in the Social Media section of this Business Card site, as a social media professional, Rick Upshaw has to interact and stay up to date with all of the latest trends and techniques in Social media.  One of the means by which he accomplishes this is through the use of his Twitter account.  If you prefer, you can contact Rick Upshaw through his twitter account here:

Rick Upshaw on Twitter